How to Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts on one Android Phone

How to Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts on one Android Phone

Hey WhatsApp Dynamos, we strongly feel that you like the WhatsApp. You might have liked it so much that you want another WhatsApp account on your device. So, you landed here. And, you are at the perfect place to find the information on How to Install 2 WhatsApp Accounts. For many reasons, users love to use WhatsApp application. Chatting is the primary service that WhatsApp offers. Apart from the Chatting, WhatsApp also provides File Sharing, Video Calling, Voice Calling, etc. You will also be able to find whether the receiver read your message or not. With few WhatsApp tricks, you can customize your WhatsApp account which suits your needs. Choosing a second WhatsApp account is evident for the reasons that either you want to keep your identity hidden or for any of your privacy issues. There are many methods on how to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts

We have chosen two simple methods for you so that it can be so easy that you can keep working on your device while you are reading this article. Even though there are other methods such as rooting your Android device, but they too complicated for the naïve users. There are other websites over the internet also to tell you about the process. We prefer our readers to experience ease at applying the listed methods, and you are one among them. So, we would like you to use 2 accounts without wasting your precious time. You can find this post as a step-by-by guide, as it contains the screenshots for each of the crucial step that to perform. Our team has performed these steps and found successful. So without wasting much of the time, let us work out on how to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on your Android device.

Requirements To Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts

Primarily, You need two mobile numbers. However, it’s just sufficient to be with one device. Besides, you need an active internet connection for the purpose of downloading the app and installing it on your device. If you have not an upgraded version of Android, you need not worry. As a matter of fact, this process works for even on previous Android versions also. No rooting is required as well. Not even a High-tech phone is a need to apply the method. But, You must need another application on your phone, ‘GBWhatsApp.’

So, in short, the requirements are:

  • A working Android device
  • GBWhatsApp app
  • A working internet connection.
  • Two Sim cards to install second WhatsApp.

How to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on Android

You make sure that you have read and understood the requirements to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on your device. So, now we work out on the process to make 2 WhatsApp accounts exist on your Android device. Following are the steps for it.

  • At first, download the GBWhatsApp. Check once you have downloaded from an authentic source.
  • Next, you need to allow the installation. To do so, you have to enable ‘Unknown Sources.’ Go to ‘Settings,’ then select ‘Security,’ and select ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Now Open the app, File manager, or Download Folder on your device. Then select the GBWhatsApp file which you have just downloaded.Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts
  • Now the time is to install the GBWhatsApp. After the successful installation of the app, a message will be displayed on your device.Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts
  • Open the GBWhatsApp and provide the second mobile number. This activity is to receive the OTP code.Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts
  • Then apply verifying OTP. If the second SIM card is on another Android device or you are using any virtual number, then you can apply verification OTP over the phone feature.
  • After the successful completion of OTP verification, your device is ready for use with the second number. Have you noticed two numbers working on your device?Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts

Your first number is connected with original WhatsApp application and the second number is connected to GBWhatsApp. We have told you that you will find the most comfortable methods to use two WhatsApp accounts on your device. Hope you found the first process an easier one.

Advantages of using GBWhatsApp for Dual WhatsApp

  • Rooting is not required for the purpose.
  • App is free of bugs, and it is a stable application
  • Works fine even on low-end Android devices
  • You can Hide ‘Last Seen’ status from your contacts
  • Double Ticks and Blue ticks can be hidden.
  • You can copy more than one messages from the conversation, without capturing the time and date.
  • Sharing the larger files is also possible.
  • You can set your own preferred icon for the application
  • Surprisingly, it looks better than Original WhatsApp
  • You can find more features than in the Original WhatsApp

#Method 2

After we have seen one of the simpler methods, we will provide another simpler method for you. In case you do not want a third-party application such as GBWhatsApp, then the following method is for you. In this method, you just need two SIM cards. Besides, a working internet connection, and WhatsApp which is already installed on your Android device.

  • At first, download an app called, Parallel Space app from Google Play Store.
  • After you successfully install it, Open the App Manager.
  • From the list of Apps, Tick on WhatsApp, and then click on ‘Add To ParallelSpace.’Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts
  • After a while, you can find that you have landed on a cloned WhatsApp. Click on the Cloned WhatsApp.Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts
  • You are now prompted to enter your mobile to send OTP. Enter the second mobile number.Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts
  • If your second mobile number is on another device, then opt for ‘verify OTP with the call.’
  • Now you can find a successful verification.
  • Now you are absolutely ready to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on your Android device.

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