How to Download WhatsApp Stories on Android (Image/Video)

How to Download WhatsApp Stories on Android (Image/Video)

Hey Happy Whatsappies! It’s good for many reasons to install WhatsApp on your Android Phone. It’s just enough to you have an internet connection for using WhatsApp. If you are WhatsApp user, you might know that Simple Messaging, File Sharing, Voice Calling, Video Calling, etc., are the most used services. However, this most popular messaging app offers few other astonishing features. Among those features, creating WhatsApp Stories by themselves is one of them. When you publish a Video or an Image a WhatsApp Story, your contacts can see them for 24 hours. Users who saved your contact and has WhatsApp can reply to your WhatsApp Story. We love to educate you on how to Download WhatsApp Stories on your Android Phone.

Download WhatsApp Stories

Many times you might have seen beautiful and exciting WhatsApp stories created by few of your contacts. You also might have felt to download them. However, WhatsApp does not have a feature of downloading someone’s WhatsApp Story on your device. You can only view and reply to it. So, this post will guide on How To Download WhatsApp Stories on your Android Phone. By using few tricks, you can easily download WhatsApp Stories on your Android device. We mention two methods to download other’s WhatsApp Stories. This post assists you on Step-by-Step basis to Save or Download them. It contains the easy process by which you can save or download the WhatsApp Stories on your Android Phone. Even if you are a naïve user of WhatsApp, you can easily follow the post to complete the purpose.

How to Download WhatsApp Stories on Android

We present two methods for you, along with the Screenshots. You can keep applying the steps as soon as you ready every step. Such is the ease of this article. But, before you start applying the following method, make sure you have WhatsApp application installed on your Android Phone. If your phone has already installed with WhatsApp, check once it is the latest version. The latest version contains the feature of enabling WhatsApp Stories so that you can apply the following method.

  • Click on WhatsApp icon on your Android Phone and open it. Navigate to the STATUS tab. You can see various WhatsApp stories. Select the one which you would like download.
  • Then, Download the ‘Story Saver’ from Play Store for WhatsApp.Download WhatsApp Stories
  • Next, Open the Story Saver app on your Android device. You can find all the stories which have already seen.
  • In case you wanted to download few stories but not able to find them then it might be the reason that you have not seen the story at least for once in WhatsApp.Download WhatsApp Stories
  • Then Select any of the Stories which you would want to download or save on your Android Phone. Hit the Download Button. This action will perform to Save the WhatsApp Story immediately, which you have selected.Download WhatsApp Stories
  • It is also possible to save more than one story at once. To do so, just apply a ‘long press’ on any story then click on the Save icon. You can find this icon at the Top Right corner.Download WhatsApp Stories
  • After that, visit Downloads tab. You can find the stories that the app has downloaded.

How To Share, Delete WhatsApp Stories

Now you are on your Android file system, So you can View those WhatsApp Stories, or can Share them with your Contacts. If you do not like them, you can delete them as well, to save the space.

Hope you have found that the app is very easy to use to Download or Save the WhatsApp Stories. Though it works fine with original WhatsApp, the same performance is guaranteed with GBWhatsApp. We are sure, you have found this post a very helpful one. After you have enjoyed the process of saving the WhatsApp Stories, time is to share them this post on your social media and your WhatsApp contacts on your Android Phone. Keep enjoying the beautiful WhatsApp Stories, Folks!

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