WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Download for Android 2017

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Download for Android 2017

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download: Whenever someone wishes their friends as What’s up, then immediately people get Whatsapp application in their mind. Such is the popularity of Whatsapp messenger application. This app has become so popular that users have forgotten about default application such as SMS. Like many other enhanced versions, adding the plus to original versions, there exits WhatsApp Plus. Hope you have heard of it. In this post, we educate you on How to Download Whatsapp Plus Apk and how to use it. Whichever the functions and features that were available in original Whatsapp, are in Whatsapp Plus. While Ralfanse developed Original Whatsapp, Omar’s enthusiasm has made him develop Whatsapp Plus. In our earlier posts we had guided you on GBWhatsApp, now we are guiding you on Whatsapp Plus.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk for Android

Exciting messenger application WhatsApp Plus consists of amazing features such as ‘Hide Last Seen’ and many such privacy protection features. We are sure you will love it. You are allowed to change the theme of the WhatsApp Plus and share it with your contacts or friends by sending them, theme.xml file. Later you can load those theme files quickly on their Android device. In addition, you can run the Whatsapp Plus application even when you have original WhatsApp. Further, WhatsApp plus is available with many more great and exciting features. You download WhatsApp Plus Apk right now to enjoy the messaging and file sharing experience. To guide you, we have provided Installation guide and WhatsApp Plus feature as mentioned below.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk and Install on Your Android Device

  • Firstly, Download the WhatsApp Plus Downloader from the site.
  • Tap the Download Button. This action will Download WhatsApp Plus Apk on your mobile device. The mobile device can either be Android Phone or a Tablet.
  • Now, Install the application on your device.
  • It is the time for you to take a complete backup of your device’s chat settings. Hence, Open the Whatsapp application on your phone.
  • Navigate to Settings, then to Chats and Backup.
  • Now create a Full Backup. This action will take some time. Wait for it to complete successfully.Download WhatsApp Plus Apk
  • Now, Uninstall the Whatsapp which you have installed on your Android device. Go to Settings, then select Apps. Select Whatsapp then click to Uninstall.
  • You can install Whatsapp Plus which you have downloaded, on Your Android phone easily.
  • The device prompts you to enter Your mobile Number. Your phone will receive an OTP code. Enter it to verify your Phone.Download WhatsApp Plus Apk
  • At the next step, it will ask you to provide your Name and Other contact Details. Now you are ready to use Whatsapp Plus. Enjoy the exciting features of Whatsapp Plus over your Android Device.

WhatsApp Plus Features for Android

In this section, we explain you the features of WhatsApp Plus application. You can follow it. WhatsApp Plus Apk is a nice one, and it contains many great features. After you read those features, you will love to Download Whatsapp Plus Apk and install it on your phone. So, We encourage you to go through the features of Whatsapp Plus as mentioned below for you.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus for Android evolved with many privacy features such as ‘Hide Online Status,’ ‘Hide Last Seen,’ ‘Hide Second Tick’, etc. A recent version of Whatsapp Plus may even contain more exciting and great features. So, Let us check the features of Latest WhatsApp Plus. You can also read through the WhatsApp Plus Tricks.

  • Hide Second Tick, Blue Tick, and Last Seen Status.
  • You can schedule Whatsapp messages, Recall messages, etc.
  • Create Whatsapp Plus Group Invite Links.
  • Whatsapp Plus is now Available with Video Call.
  • You can disable or enable Voice calling and Always Online Mode.
  • In the recent version of Whatsapp Plus, you can find many more Customization features that are added.
  • With no issues you can transfer any files or documents such as .txt, .pdf, .doc, etc.
  • With the help of system applications, you change the app theme easily.
  • Changing the Launcher icon of Whatsapp is also possible.
  • Without using any third-party software, you can lock the Whatsapp Plus, which is a default feature.
  • You can modify the text styles for the conversation, easily.
  • You can copy other contact’s status onto your device clipboard.
  • All in all, Status size is increased to 255 characters.
  • If you can compromise on the battery power, you can be online for 24 hours.
  • You can Load, Save, and Share your device themes with your contacts.
  • Configuring the image’s pixels and resizing the images is available.
  • You can access the log file which contains the time at which your friends were online.
  • One fantastic feature of Whatsapp Plus is, you can take a complete backup of all your chat conversations, history. It helps you to skip the re-registration process whenever you perform the installation of WhatsApp, again.
  • With the assistance of WhatsApp Plus, you can send HQ, i.e., High-Quality pictures with your friends.

If we keep listing the features of the WhatsApp Plus, there are many more. So, What you can do is, just Download WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android Tablet or Phone and enjoy the messaging experience over it. It will make you forget the original WhatsApp with its impressive features.

Requirements for Android Device to Use WhatsApp Plus

After we have seen the features, you may need to know about the requirements that an Android device shall have to install WhatsApp Plus. This activity is required to perform the Installation process with no hassles.

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